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Fahrenheit Fitness is dedicated to your total health.

See the Special Events page for some tips for increased wellness in 2014

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With the understanding that we can all work hotter, that our engines can all run more efficiently and that our bodies were designed to be efficient machines, we design classes that will challenge you without killing your spirit or your body.

Your wellness is a combination of your mental, physical and emotional health. Naturally, we've got your physical fitness covered.
Additionally, we endeavor to address the other areas of your wellness.

Biggest Loser Contests

We engage, during each class session/package of cardio classes, in a Biggest Loser competition. It costs nothing to join the contest. You just have to lose some weight. Fahrenheit Fitness purchases the incentive and celebrates your success at the end of the session. We want you to feel good about all the work we're going to make you do!

Program Advisory Board

Fahrenheit Fitness has at its disposal an advisory board to help guide you towards total wellness. Our board consists of a psychologist, a physician and a nutritionist. We constantly seek their input in order to make your classes safe, enjoyable and beneficial to your long term wellness. Additionally, we can help you connect to these professionals should you desire their direct input and assistance.

More than just a bunch of classes

Fahrenheit Fitness is more. We are trained professionals that want to see you healthy, hale, happy and whole. Browse our site for more information.


Superclass is ready to go!

September 15, 2014

It's Monday - you know what that means! Super Class! 90 minutes - toning and cardio!

Just $7 to drop in!

651 W. Sharon Road.

Mixed Fuel Cancelled 9/13/2014 only

September 13, 2014

Sorry, but Mixed Fuel this morning is cancelled. Jennifer already had other plans and Tammy is just too sick to pull it off. We'll announce a makeup class date before September is over.


Won't you join us?

August 26, 2014

There's still time. Zumba doesn't start until 6:30pm. We'll see you there.  651 W. Sharon Rd. Still $5.00 to drop in.

Special Guest 8/9/14

August 5, 2014

Special guest!!

This Saturday brings to us another Mixed Fuel class. We are lucky to have a fantastic 30 minute Yoga cool down with Stephanie Turner who is about to graduate from Cincinnati Yoga School with a 200-hour certificate.

Her goal is to offer after-school yoga into the Wyoming or Glendale area starting in September.

Join us for full-fledged cardio challenge from 9 to around 10:15 am, followed by Stephanie's yoga from 10:15 to 10:45 am. Bring a mat, a towel, and a dry shirt for the yoga portion.

Still just 5.00 to drop in!

651 W. Sharon Rd. 45240. Tell a friend!

We are growing again!

July 16, 2014

Let's welcome Donna and thank Lisa for bringing her!

4th of July Classes

June 30, 2014

July 5th, 2014...No Mixed Fuel Class. Enjoy the Holiday!

See you tonight for the Superclass. $7.00 to drop in at 651 W. Sharon Rd. 45240. 90 minutes of flexing, shaking and fun. Take a proactive approach to this weekends Potato Salad.

Mixed Fuel 6/7/2014!

June 6, 2014

The weather for the last 2 weeks of classes has been perfect so we've worked outside.  Great stuff!  Hill climbs, steps, TRX, medicine ball runs, power 2 Square...it was like recess!

Come on out this Saturday from 9:30 to 10:30am.  You never know what you're going to get but you can be assured that it will challenging and available to all fitness levels.

$5.00 to drop in.

Mixed Fuel Format Change 5/17 ONLY

May 14, 2014

Mixed Fuel this Saturday, May 17th, will be ZUMBA!  Tammy has to leave town. Sorry about the change, but Zumba is NEVER, bad...right?

Zumba Super Class Feedback

May 9, 2014

Zumba Super Class Feedback!

Some of you have weighed in and we thank you for that!
The majority of you want to keep the class as it is so we'll continue to do all of Zumba Toning First and then follow this with regular Zumba.

However, we will rotate some leg and core in with the upper body work so that it doesn't feel so much like "work".

On the playlist for Monday?
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Bay City Rollers
Barry White
The Jackson 5
The Doobie Brothers

And a whole lot more! See you there. $5.00 to drop in

new to us? This may help

May 9, 2014

Just some insight if you are new to classes with us.

There will always be one instructor facing you (lead) and one with their back to you for each song. The instructor with their back to you will always have the low impact modifications, meaning the moves will keep one foot on the ground at all times. The instructor facing you for the song (lead) will show the high impact option.

Feel free to take the option of your choice, and don't be afraid to move between them as you see fit.

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