Fahrenheit Fitness

Train Under Fire

The instructors/trainers

Jennifer Chung

Jennifer has led a life filled with fitness and has been a fitness professional since 1997. She has taught and been certified in Step, Group Exercise, and Zumba.  Jennifer currently teaches Zumba® and Zumba Toning® for Fahrenheit Fitness.

Jennifer seeks, in every class, to tailor the workout to each and every member. She has a great eye for good form and coaches exercisers on how to achieve and keep it. She consciously works at keeping class fresh with new songs, new routines, and new challenges for your body.  

Jennifer works in the banking industry and is certified in CPR/First Aid.


Tammy Thomas

Tammy has been a fitness professional since 1996. She is currently certified in Group Fitness, Mat Pilates, Kaiser Cycling and Zumba® Fitness.  She teaches many different exercise formats including  group resistance classes, Kickboxing, Stability ball classes, Boot Camp and Tabatas in addition to the classes listed above.

Tammy believes that everyone can attain better wellness and always provides options suitable to all fitness levels. 

Tammy is a former Cincinnati Firefighter and remains a certified EMT Paramedic certified in CPR/AED and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. She is a CPR and ACLS instructor, an Emergency Medical Service Instructor (EMS-I) and currently serves as the Corporate Director of Education for a chain of Urgent Care offices.

Tammy holds a Bachelors Degree in English from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters Degree from Miami University.